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2 Sajde ke Darmiyan ki Dua Quran in Urdu

2 Sajde ke Darmiyan ki Dua: Sajda (prostration) is a fundamental act of worship in Islam and holds immense significance. Muslims express their devotion, humility, and surrender to Allah (SWT) through this act. While engaging in prayer, there are moments of tranquility between consecutive prostrations known as sajde ke darmiyan.
These moments provide an opportunity to connect with Allah on a deeper level through dua (supplication). This article explores the concept of sajde ke darmiyan ki dua and its relevance in enhancing spiritual connection during prayer. Let’s delve into the importance of this dua and its impact on the worshipper’s spiritual journey.

2 Sajde ke Darmiyan ki Dua Quran in Urdu

Understanding the Essence of Sajda:

Sajda is an act of submission and reverence, where Muslims place their foreheads on the ground as a sign of humility and devotion to Allah (SWT). It is a moment of profound connection with the Creator and an opportunity to seek His mercy, forgiveness, and blessings. Sajda serves as a reminder of the worshipper’s dependency on Allah and the need for His guidance and protection.

The Power of Dua in Sajde Ke Darmiyan:

Sajde ke darmiyan refers to the period between two consecutive prostrations during prayer. It is a moment of stillness and reflection. Muslims can utilize this time to engage in dua, express their heartfelt desires, seek forgiveness, and seek blessings from Allah. Dua during sajde ke darmiyan allows worshippers to deepen their spiritual connection and experience a sense of intimacy with Allah (SWT).

Sajde Ke Darmiyan Ki Dua:

While there is no specific dua prescribed for sajde ke darmiyan, Muslims are encouraged to engage in personal supplications during this time. It is an opportunity to converse with Allah, pouring out one’s hopes, fears, and gratitude. Worshipers can use this time to seek guidance, express their innermost desires, and ask for blessings in various aspects of life. The essence of sajde ke darmiyan ki dua lies in personal sincerity and a genuine connection with Allah.

Embracing Moments of Reflection:

Sajde ke darmiyan offers moments of tranquility and reflection, allowing worshippers to pause and introspect. It is a time to express gratitude for blessings, seek forgiveness for shortcomings, and acknowledge one’s dependence on Allah’s mercy.

By embracing these moments and engaging in dua, Muslims can strengthen their spiritual connection and foster a deeper sense of mindfulness in their prayers.

The Importance of Intention and Presence:

While reciting dua during sajde ke darmiyan is beneficial, it is essential to emphasize the importance of intention and the presence of the mind. Muslims should approach these moments with sincere intentions, focusing their thoughts solely on Allah (SWT). It is crucial to be fully present during prayer, seeking spiritual elevation and connection rather than merely reciting words mechanically


Sajde ke darmiyan ki dua provides a powerful opportunity for Muslims to connect with Allah (SWT) on a deeper level during prayer. By embracing these moments of tranquility and engaging in heartfelt supplications, worshippers can enhance their spiritual journey, seek guidance, and experience a profound sense of connection with the Creator. Let us strive to make the most of sajde ke darmiyan, utilizing this time to immerse ourselves in dua and strengthen our bond with Allah.

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